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For every correct question, the advertisers donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. The categories include art, chemistry, English grammar, English vocabulary, countries, capital cities, French, German, Italian, Spanish, basic math, and the multiplication table. The level of difficulty rises as the students get questions correct. The level will also decrease if they get a few questions in a row incorrect.

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For every correct question, the advertisers donate cups of water. They are currently looking for a suitable non-profit organization. This is a geography game.

For every correct question, a spoonful of flour is donated to various charities.

An online charity connecting you to classrooms in need.


Kiva allows you to loan money in $25 USD increments to people around the world looking to better their lives. The repayment rate is very good. Great for a class project. Derwin's lender page.